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The second Mercury Retrograde of the year began on July 7 and has finally come to end on August 2.

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Astrologers believe that when a planet is in retrograde, the areas of life it governs go into a sleeping or resting state. And with Mercury acting as the messenger planet, stargazers believe it can result in arguments and misunderstandings. They say that the closest planet to the sun rules all matters of communication and when it is in a resting state, chaos can ensue.

For people who take the star alignments seriously, at this time they will put off making big decisions, travel or confronting people about their problems. And with communication said to be affected, astrologers say it is advisable to take extra care when sending important emails or looking over instructions. They also advise holding off signing any important contracts or making any binding decisions during this time. If this can't be avoided, astrologers say you should take a flexible approach such as being prepared for every eventuality and making contingency plans.

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All Football. You can monitor this alignment with the App: Cosmographia.

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Because July brings two eclipses which the ancients claim are harbingers of change, as well as a rare planetary alignment the instability of Earth may increase. With this in mind my suggested treatment strategies for this month focus on treating the heart, to balance the element of Fire, so that we accept the unknown and are able to vibrate in sympathetic resonance with a loving heart.

While this may be easier said than done the suggestions below will aid in grounding, promote balance, relaxation, expansion and DNA reformatting. I have cited ways to reset our Axis Mundi to Sedna, shift our nervous system from sympathetic stress response , to para-sympathetic relaxation response , by treating the Huato Jiaji and the Baliao.

Use the same tools to nourish the heart chakra, through the Yin Wei Mai, so that we are able to walk the world with an open heart. Use the Cosmic Capstone to expanded sacred geometry and to shield and protect. The following intervals and treatment ideas are suggestions to use throughout the month.

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When making your treatment decisions choose intervals that utilize the Sun, Moon and Sedna, with the above treatment strategies focus to focus on empowering the path of the heart. Remembering we are the people of the Shao Yang, which has never been so present in us as it is now.

With Jump Time upon us, where, what and how shall we jump? How shall we travel in the void?

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What rightful action is necessary for our humanity to choose in this moment? Will we choose a timeline of love, unity in community, humanitarianism, peace, harmony, love, joy and understanding for humankind? Or will we stand silent, witness dramas unfold, and be paralyzed like a deer in headlights? The Hopi believe that Earth prayers and ceremony will help us with a smooth and less intense transition during The Great Purification. The hour is NOW! More than ever are we being asked to hold our center, stay grounded, be in and honor nature, meditate, chant, sing, pray, hold ceremony for the Earth.

I invite you to point your compass to Spirit, to stay in connection with the universal flow of love through the Planetary tones of Acutonics. As we each claim our responsibility for Earth with leadership from our open loving hearts.

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In addition, Lynn is offering 50 clinic hours with a focus on integrating astrology into clinical practice, February , and March , earn 50 clinical hours by participating in a Community Clinic for the children of Todos Santos through the Padrino Foundation sponsored by Dr.

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