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Use the new moon energy to focus on yourself and keeping your side of the street clean. The planet of love and abundance , Venus, enters moody Cancer on Wednesday, July 3. You like to see yourself as a tough renegade who is above petty human emotions. However, Cancer rules the house of home and family, so you may find yourself brooding over your love life.

Remember, you can't control others, but you can control yourself. Consider who you're prioritizing in your relationships. Mercury retrograde begins on Sunday, July 7.

Sagittarius Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Mercury is the planet of communication, and when it's retrograde, it can cause frustrating delays and also offer us a chance to correct past errors. This means that you can use your boldness to reconnect with former lovers or friends you miss having in your life. Mercury retrograde is also infamous for exes returning. Are you the ex reappearing from the dead this round? View this period as a time to fix past mistakes and collect arrows you regret shooting. If the other party is receptive, this month contains the potential to reunite you with ones who got away.

Just use that knowledge and make your moves carefully so as not to repeat mistakes. You're further pushed to break old patterns that no longer serve you when Chiron, a comet known as "the wounded healer," goes retrograde on Monday, July 8. During this period, we're given an opportunity to confront trauma and the effects it's had on us and then move forward from an emotionally healthier place. As much as horny Sag loves hearing about all the opportunities to get it on with your exes, it's time to chat business. Your mind will shift to money during the full moon in hardworking Capricorn on Tuesday, July A monetary opportunity may arrive that involves travel.

You rule the ninth house , which is all about travel and adventure. Stepping into Capricorn's home, the 10th house, which governs fame and accomplishments, comes naturally to you. Full moons mean manifestation, and manifestation means money, so go on the adventure and get some cash.

Prepare for travel delays due to Mercury retrograde, but pack some books, practice patience, and you should be fine. Tuesday, July 16 also brings a partial lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses encourage introspection and finally saying goodbye to that which no longer serves us. Sometimes people get hurt in the wake of a centaur, and while you usually appear calm and confident, you may be harboring internal guilt.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You're making amends this Mercury retrograde; don't forget that it's also important to make amends with and forgive yourself. In fact, the opposite is how this planet can feel while in the 9th zodiac sign. Sagittarius is the opposite zodiac sign to Mercury's home base, Gemini, and so this brings up all types of complicated ideas related to beliefs, lessons to learn, and when or how to try new things. Retrograde season is a time for re-evaluation.

Mercury is the planet that rules the pickiest of zodiac signs, Virgo, and the most dynamic of all astrological duos, Gemini.

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You can be more diligent and organize ideas the way that a Virgo would love for you to do, and you can really see how things in the past influence the present the future And, as the planet that oversees communication, transportation, electronic transmission, tech and innovation goes whacko, I mean A lot. The holidays are upon us, so all those fun moments of political misunderstandings while passing the turkey isn't technically you're fault. Mercury retrograde season is the scapegoat we all need when communication drops and things don't come out just right.

Of course, Mercury retrograde is an illusion. Unlike Venus retrograde or Pluto retrograde which actually does happen, Mercury is an illusion of the planet moving backwards. So, Mercury in Sagittarius means that it will have the appearance of going back into Scorpio. There's a huge difference in communication styles between these two zodiac sign energies. In Sagittarius, Mercury opens the door to free thinking. In Scorpio, it's the revealer of secrets.

Mercury retrograde allows you to see this transit as a golden opportunity. You can use this astrological roadmap to see what's happening with Mercury retrograde season for the next few weeks to plan your projects more carefully. You can see difficulties in communication or transportation arrangements as a chance to improve the way you and others relate to each other. I know when I anticipate bad stuff happening, I try to put systems in place that can help me to avoid potential pitfalls. Here's what's happening with Mercury, the planet itself, astrologically speaking:.

On November 27th, luck happens to meet opportunity. This can mean that something you have a chance to think about carefully can play out well in some way. You can get a job offer. You may find that you meet a social group that helps you to grow. You can simply walk into a fortunate event and things start to happen for you, too. Sagittarius is known for it's bold honesty. You ask a Sagittarian a question, and guess what happens?

You get an honest answer! When Mercury goes retrograde in this zodiac sign with the Sun, this can mean more awkward moments can take place in public ways.

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Sagittarius Horoscope

You may want to secure your computer password. If you don't like people going through your things, keep them on lock down. Watch what you send via email and check email addresses, especially hitting a 'reply all' when you meant to only respond to one person in the loop. Your private conversations?

Be sure you don't accidentally dial someone in via a cell phone in a pocket. All kinds of funny things can take place with Mercury rx during a Sagittarian Sun in the same zodiac sign and house. Mercury rules communication. Neptune is attracted to a vision. Neptune is in retrograde itself. What a topsy turvy pair! Over the next few weeks, you may have to clarify what you want in your future. You can even be fooled into thinking that you want one thing but later realize you'd like something completely different. Do your due diligence rather than rush forward.

If it sounds too good to be true The Moon trines Mercury while it is in Aries right when Mercury turns retrograde. This is a time when your feelings get to experience all types of things and it can create an explosive reality for you by the time Mercury retrograde is through.

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You can recognize patterns in your own communication style. You may realize what the best course of action to take to solve a serious problem.

You may also come to change your mind on a topic and realize a vital truth. This week, Mercury and Uranus can potentially throw in a random variable that brings you pause.